Health Professionals


As a health professional, you know the importance of eating a diet rich in calcium.

Banking on Beautiful Bones

This brochure, targeted to women 18 to 44, stresses the importance of calcium in building and maintaining healthy bones. There also is information about osteoporosis, exercise, and including more dairy foods in your diet.

Thinking About Calcium? Find it in Food First

Nutrition experts advise that food be a persons first source for calcium. Supplements may not provide adults with enough of the other nutrients that work with calcium to help maintain bone health. This brochure includes charts that list calcium amounts in some common foods and optimal daily calcium intakes.

This brochure is a great resource of calcium information for children 10 to 14. This is the age when milk consumption drops off, and many girls and boys are not getting the calcium that they need to build strong bones. Kids can rate their food personality and get tips about including more dairy products in their diets.

Drink 3 For the Calcium You Need

Teens and young adults will love this fact-filled brochure. It not only contains great facts on milk and dairy products, but also celebrities with milk mustaches and great calcium-rich recipes.

Totally Tooth

Young patients will love this colorful guide that can double as a poster. Find out how much your patients know by using this as a guide to quiz kids about good dental health.

Healthy Pregnancy and Healthy Baby Tear Pads

Many expectant moms have questions about how much they should eat during pregnancy. This informative sheet contains information on calcium requirements, serving sizes, expected weight gain, and how calcium can help reduce high blood pressure.

Lactose Intolerance Information

A few changes may be all it takes to keep nutritious milk group foods you need and love in your diet. Milk and milk products provide many important vitamins and minerals for good health. This information in available as a tear pad or brochure. For more health info: