Pre-Kindergarten – 1st Grade

Chef Combo’s Fantastic Adventures in Tasting and Nutrition

Let Chef Combo help your students understand that different foods help the body stay healthy. Filled with interesting hands-on activities, your students will look forward to each new session of this program. Classroom activities are based on teaching themes such as “farm”, “seasons”, and “ABCs”.

Chef Combo’s Fantastic Adventures addresses 32 learner objectives in seven curriculum areas. The materials come in a tabbed binder for easy use. The teacher’s guide is FREE to Florida educators, and additional program materials (hand puppet and rubber stamp) can be purchased from the National Dairy Council.

Link to the Chef combo homepage:

The Milk Times Student Newspaper

Wonderful graphics and fun activities will entertain and educate your students. Each issue includes sections such as fun with numbers, cow facts, and dairy treats. The Milk Times is published twice a year by the Dairy Council of Florida. Once you order this program, you automatically will receive future issues.


Promotional/Incentive Items

The Dairy Council of Florida will provide up to 35 incentive items FREE per teacher per year. Items include pencils, stickers, and paint sheets. (recommended for pre-kindergarten through grade two)